Tech Machines Cement mixer 5 in 1

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Age: 3Y+

Material: Eco-friendly ABS

Block: Large-piece

By using the fashionable set, kids learn about machines, the tools used to work on machines, and their functions. The tech Machines Set comes with screwdrivers, integrated screws that click into place for sturdy model creation, reels, hooks, and scoops. The set is also included that features story starters, problem-solving tasks, and full-color inspiration cards.

With a different motif to woven the colorful story and help stimulate the imagination of children, showing the creative in the building!

Create a rich topic between you and your child. You can teach children a variety of cognitive things. You are explicitly designed for children, building with fun and safe!

  • Eco-friendly ABS. Safe, non-toxic, smooth and burr-free

  • Intensive and bright colors, smooth rounded corners, perfect fit, and comfortable feel
  • Large-piece is more natural to assemble and disassemble.

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